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Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing - Brandon

Winter Steelhead – Back Up North

Rain, snow, hail, rain, sleet, ice pellets, more rain, and more snow… …rinse and repeat every 30 minutes. Toss in a 20 minute break every other hour or so and that was pretty much the weather pattern. The river held though, and with a warm jacket, dry socks, gloves, and steelhead-green-water – the fishing was […]

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Skunked on the Delta

Delta Stripers – Fly Fishing Report

If a picture is worth a thousand words – then I need say no more…

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Olympic Peninsula Dolly Varden

Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving

I went back up to my hometown for the holiday weekend and squeezed a day and a half away to check in on one of my favorite rivers with Brandon. It is definitely considered the “off season” but neither one of us were concerned with that and were just anxious to have a look, poke […]

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Delta Stripers with Jeff

Delta Stripers – With Jeff

Pulled the boat back over the hill for another day out fly fishing for Delta Stripers. Jeff joined me for the day and as usual, we had a great time. I think those short-sleeve fall days are finally behind us now. It wasn’t too cold, but the beanie and gloves did make their way out […]

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Delta Striper Fly Fishing Report

Delta Stripers – Fly Fishing Report

Another quick striped bass fly fishing report – Got out again to take another whack at this year’s delta stripers. The tides were predicted to be really good (or far better than when I’d been out with Brandon the previous week) and the weather forecast was for a flat, windless day – perfect conditions for […]

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Brandon with Big Delta Striper

Delta Fly Fishing, with Brandon

It was late morning as I hurriedly tossed the boat bag, fly rods, fly reels, and sleeping bags into the back of the truck. The clock was ticking and Brandon’s flight was due to arrive in San Jose any minute. I quickly backed the truck in, hooked up the boat trailer, and headed for the […]

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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

The Delta, A Half Day

Another tricky case of jet lag had me wide awake and bug-eyed at 3AM this morning, despite going to bed at midnight. My flight had departed at 2pm and landed 11 hours later at 8am the same day; yeah, try and figure that one out.

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Delta Striper - Fall 2008

The Delta, Fall 2008, Day 1

Finally got out on the the Delta for the first trip of the season. With all the steelhead fishing lately I’ve got to say that 9′ 9wt felt awfully short and took some getting used to. The first spot I hit was empty as well as the 2nd spot, but the 3rd stop paid off […]

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California Fall Steelhead

Steelhead, October 2008

Jeff’s broken spey rod had been repaired and returned and he was ready for Steelhead Trip number two… We followed the same casual departure plan as last month, except this time we took a slightly different route, taking I5 & following the Trinity down for a change of scenery. The I5 stretch went quickly as […]

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California Fall Steelhead Fly Fishing

Steelhead, September 2008

All I could think of the last few weeks was Bear Run and the big bright steelhead that must be working their way through it. When an opportunity came, and the urge could no longer be held back, I hit the road. I’d timed my departure from the Bay Area perfectly, putting me in the […]

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