New Urban Carpery – with Jeff

[Image]While out pedaling around on the mountain bike Saturday, taking advantage of the unseasonably hot weather that hit the Bay Area this weekend (mid to high 90’s), I stumbled on another little urban carp spot.

I’d ridden past it before and not seen anything but when I passed it this time I caught a glimpse of a golden silhouette drifting out from under the shadow of the overpass.

I hung-out for a few minutes to see if there were more. It didn’t take long ? here came 1, and then a threesome, a double, a single, a 4-some, and so on. And they weren’t just cruising, they were rooting and feeding!

I immediately dug the phone out of my pocket and dialed-up Jeff, yeah, they’re all over the place! Here come 2 more!! Yeah, noon should work. You know where it is? Cool. OK, see you here tomorrow .




[urban fly fishing image 1]

[urban fly fishing image 2]

[Image: urban carp]

[Image: urban fly fishing assault vehicle]
UFFAV (Urban Fly Fishing Assault Vehicle)

[urban fly fishing for carp image]



[Image: carp 1]


[Image: Sight casting to urban carp 1]

[Image: Sight casting to urban carp 2]

[Image: Sight casting to urban carp 3]

[Image: Jeff fly fishing for carp]

[Image: sight casting for urban carp 1]

[Image: sight casting for urban carp 1]

[Image: Big carp 1]

[Image: Big carp 2]

[Image: Big carp 3]

[Image: Big carp 4]

[Image: Jeff fly fishing for carp 1]

[Image: Jeff fly fishing for carp 2]

[Image: Jeff fly fishing for carp 3]

After a few hours of 80 mph traffic buzzing over our heads and actively feeding fish at our feet that refused to eat, we accepted our defeat and headed for another nearby spot that I’d seen a truly brute-of-a-carp in the day before (seriously, this thing was high 20’s, possibly 30 pounds!)

We hit the spot, Brutus was there, but he didn’t want anything to do with us and I eventually put him down.

On the way back to the truck I saw a loner carp in the ditch by the parking lot. Ah, what the heck , I couldn’t resist. We’d been casting over feeding fish for hours, in premium fish-landing water and hadn’t had any success.

So one simple cast, 10 feet out, and 12 feet down.

The fly hit the water about 24 inches from the fish. The carp perked-up, scooted over, and promptly inhaled the tiny nymph without hesitation!


Now what…


OK… maybe not 12 feet down, but it was a good 7 or 8…


“Better to have hooked-up and lost, than never to have hooked-up at all… ” -TheAngle

Was it worth the fly donation… Heck yeah it was, without hesitation!

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