Golden Bones

Fly Caught Carp Pictures

“Carp! On a Fly”!
Usually followed with,
“Are you serious”!
Yeah, that’s the most common reaction.
It’s typically proceeded with the confused look of,
“Why would you want to do that”?

Jose Silva, Bay Bone (May 2007)


Bay Bone (May 2007)


Jeff with his first Bay Bone (May 2007)


Bay Bone (May 2007)


Bay Bone (May 2007)


8 Pound Bay Bone, (July 2006)


Kinda makes you wonder what’s in the water…


Bay Area Hoover


Baby Bone, San Francisco


Baby Bone, San Francisco


Rocky Mt Bone (Denver, Down Town!)


15 Pound Bay Bone (San Francisco)


Junior Bay Bone (San Francisco)


20 Pound Denver Resident


Rocky Mt Bone, Colorado

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