Delta with Dave 11/1/2005

“Ok Dave, the sun is set to rise at 6:33am. That means we need to be in the water by 6:00. We’re looking at an hour and a half to get there, throw in an extra 30 minutes to pick you up, 15 minutes to gas up, and an additional 15 to rig and launch the boat”. I’ll pick you up at 4:00. Make sure you’re ready”. “Have you already got your stuff packed Squyres”? “No, I’ll have plenty of time in the morning, and tell Gloria to have some of those breakfast burritos ready for us too”. “Sure Squyres, whatever you say”. “Oh yeah, and it’s your turn to drive”. “Again”? “I’ll see you at 4”.

3:00am: Hit snooze on the alarm clock.
3:05am: Hit snooze on the cell phone.
3:09am: Hit snooze on the alarm clock.
3:30am: “Crap! it’s 3:30″.
3:55am: Phone call, “Hey Dave, I’m running a few minutes behind. Should be out of here any minute now”.
4:05am: “Trailer lights, check. Tie downs, check… “.
4:10am: Quick stop under the closed gas station’s lights for final check before hitting the freeway.
4:15am: Phone call, “Ok Dave, I’m on 237”.
4:17am: Phone call, “The engine cover is gone”. “Huh”? “I don’t know, it was there when I left, now it’s not. I’m turning around”.
4:18am: Mental note, “Add checking the engine cowling to final checklist”.
4:35am: Phone call, “I found it, it was on the side of 237. It’s totaled. Sorry for the delay, I’m on my way. Tell you what, we can take my truck from your place. Again, I’m sorry. Btw, you have any ear plugs?”.
4:50am: Phone call, “I’m in Milpitas. My turn signals just quit working. Looks like we’re taking your truck after all. I should be there in 15”.
5:10am: knock-knock-knock… “Good Morning Dave”!

My attempts to convince Dave that it’s good to get all these hiccups out of the way before actually getting on the water proved to be unnecessary. Dave is about as easy-going as they come. I continued to assure him that Karma was now in our favor and to make extra certain that his knots were all good and his hooks sharp. This day had 20 pounder written all over it. His response to my apologies was simply, “It’s unusual for you to be late for a fishing trip”. Appreciative of his understanding, I told him I’d let him pick up the launch fee, and if he’d like, he was also welcome to take care of lunch.

Though that school of 20 pounders eluded us yet again, as did anything comparable to the brutes we’d encountered on our last trip out there together, we had a great day with more than our fair share of feisty junior fish brought to the boat by each of us.


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