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Dave Fulthorpe Surf Striper

Dave’s First CA Surf Striper

Dave & I headed over to the beach for an early morning striper hunt a few weeks ago to strike while the iron was hopefully still hot – and it was!

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Big California Surf Striper

Crushing the 20 Pound Striper Barrier

Had an epic morning fishing the surf today. The tide was right, the structure was perfect, the Stripers were in – and I finally nailed a 20+ pound striper.

Check it out…

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California Fly Fishing for Surf Stripers

California Surf Stripers – Persistance

Persistance pays off… I was out on the beach a few mornings ago looking for surf perch with Jeff, and we got skunked – again. I don’t know what’s happened, surf perch were never a difficult fish for me to find in years past, but recently it’s been a completely different story. On our way […]

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Surf Perch Fly Fishing with the Boys

Shortest Surf Perch Morning Yet

Jose Silva was in town for a very short visit. He wasn’t intending on fishing on this trip and therefore hadn’t brought any gear but Dave, Jeff, and I wouldn’t have any of it. The weather and surf conditions weren’t expected to be very good but we didn’t have the luxury of rescheduling due to […]

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Monterey Bay Surf Perch Fly Fishing

Surf Perch, Back to Monterey

The tide didn’t look any good but I was in a desperate need of soaking a fly, somewhere. When I got the word from Gabriel that he’d recently “gotten into them” off one of the Monterey beaches I had all I needed. The tide was basically flat until 11am so Jeff, Mrs. Jeff, and I […]

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Fly Fishing for Crabs

A Crabby Day In The Surf

This week’s tides were some of the biggest of the year, with flood highs and minus lows. Jeff & I headed over the hill at o-dark thirty to catch the last few hours of the early morning outgoing and see the beach at the lowest tide we’d witnessed yet. We weren’t sure what to expect […]

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Barred Surf Perch - Halfmoon Bay

Surf Perch, slow morning, but not fishless!

Hit the surf with Jeff for a few hours one morning this weekend. The holes were really gaining definition compared to weeks past, but the barred little buggers were scarce. It was a relatively slow morning, other than one little guy during the grey-light-hour that took a pattern Jose had given me and a really […]

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Steelhead Caught in the Surf

Steelhead in the Surf

After fishing a couple of seasons with Jose Silva I’ve learned quite a few things. Aside from new angles on holding water, fish behavior, tidal influence, and an ancient recipe used by the Peruvians to prepare a fine carp for the dinner table, the one thing that’s been drilled home time and time again, through […]

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Surf Perch Fly Fishing

Surf Perch, it’s been a few years

I hadn’t pestered the local surf perch for a couple years and after a long Delta season spent dealing with all the hassles involved in being “the guy with the boat” the simplicity of a short, trailer-less drive, a single rod, a handful of flies, a pair of waders, and the scenery & solitude of […]

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Bay Area Fly Fishing Grand Slam

Bay Area Slam

It appeared that our long awaited nice weather had finally arrived for good. The sun was out and the temperatures were in the 80’s. The stripers were chasing bait in the big lake… The carp were rooting in the shallow sludge ponds… And Monterey Bay’s surf perch were feeding in the salty wash. It looked […]

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