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  • Winter Steelhead – Back Up North

    Rain, snow, hail, rain, sleet, ice pellets, more rain, and more snow – and then repeat every 30 minutes. Toss in a 20 minute break every other hour or so and that was pretty much the weather pattern. The river held though, and with a warm jacket, dry socks, gloves, and steelhead green water the…

  • Steelhead in the Surf

    After fishing a couple of seasons with Jose Silva I’ve learned quite a few things. Aside from new angles on holding water, fish behavior, tidal influence, and an ancient recipe used by the Peruvians to prepare a fine carp for the dinner table, the one thing that’s been drilled home time and time again, through…

  • Steelhead, March 2006

    Rampaging, crashing, silent, sparkling Impatient, benevolent, by turns. Treacherous or teasing Inviting, gentle, giving – then a crashing torrent of vengeance. Never apologizing. Never explaining. Jeff Bright’s Found in a River