Tag: Flyfishing

  • The Delta, A Half Day

    Another tricky case of jet lag had me wide awake and bug-eyed at 3AM this morning, despite going to bed at midnight. My flight had departed at 2pm and landed 11 hours later at 8am the same day; yeah, try and figure that one out.

  • The Delta, Fall 2008, Day1

    Finally got out on the the Delta for the first trip of the season. With all the steelhead fishing lately I’ve got to say that 9′ 9wt felt awfully short and took some getting used to. The first spot I hit was empty as well as the 2nd spot, but the 3rd stop paid off…

  • Steelhead in the Surf

    After fishing a couple of seasons with Jose Silva I’ve learned quite a few things. Aside from new angles on holding water, fish behavior, tidal influence, and an ancient recipe used by the Peruvians to prepare a fine carp for the dinner table, the one thing that’s been drilled home time and time again, through…

  • Baja 2007

    Baja 2007, our 6th trip south of the border, and despite the fact that the days of having a reasonable stretch of beach to ourselves to stalk big unmolested roosters is most likely a thing of the past (RDTM no doubt), and the increase in barb wire and “propiedad privada” signs that keep popping up…

  • Steelhead, March 2006

    Rampaging, crashing, silent, sparkling Impatient, benevolent, by turns. Treacherous or teasing Inviting, gentle, giving – then a crashing torrent of vengeance. Never apologizing. Never explaining. Jeff Bright’s Found in a River