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  • Bass: The Movie (The Trailer)

    Jamie Howard (of Chasing Silver fame) has the trailer up of his latest project, “Bass: The Movie”. There’s some good topwater footage of The Delta being fished by John Sherman and the guru himself, Kevin Doran. You can check it out at This Is Fly, an online fly fishing magazine, also has a good…

  • Goldens, May 19th, 2007

    The SF Bay Goldens have been ON over the last few weeks! May is really appearing to be the hot month for these sludge-pond, bottom-sucking hoovers. From the generic trout flies to the more unique, specialty “fly-of-the-hour” patterns, they’ve kept us entertained, intrigued, perplexed, and flat-out frustrated over the last two weeks. It’s been GREAT!

  • Labatt Blue Commercial

    Another Youtube video…

  • Salmon Video

    Am I the only one that finds this hysterical? Check it out!