Category: Trout

  • The Bow River, Calgary Alberta

    The Rainbows and Brown trout reach 29 & 30 inches! Their average size is said to be ~19 inches, and their “Blue-Ribbon” distribution throughout the watershed is estimated at 3000 fish per mile! Just doing a quick google image search for Bow River fly fishing will make anyone worth their trendiest over-priced Simms costume drool.

  • Putah / American Combo, June 10, 2007

    While telling Jeff that there was no reason to kill ourselves getting to the American River early because the shad bite doesn’t usually get going till the late afternoon, he suggested stopping by Putah Creek on the way.

  • Dad and Brandon, Colorado

    Today began with a mid morning phone call from Dave. He was waiting for a flight in Seattle on his way back from a 2 week trip to Alaska and was anxious to share his fishing report. Shortly after that came the call from Al on a business trip in Massachusetts. He’d been out fishing…