Category: Baja

  • Oar Fish

    Our Baja hosts shared these pictures with us of an Oar Fish that had washed ashore in front of the house a few weeks prior to our arrival this year. Apparently they’re plankton eaters… hmm… shad flies maybe?

  • Baja 2007

    Baja 2007, our 6th trip south of the border, and despite the fact that the days of having a reasonable stretch of beach to ourselves to stalk big unmolested roosters is most likely a thing of the past (RDTM no doubt), and the increase in barb wire and “propiedad privada” signs that keep popping up…

  • Baja 7/2006

    If previous trips south have been referred to as “Brandon’s 30 pound Rooster trip” or “Doug’s Big Rooster trip”, or “The Beach Caught Dorado trip”, this trip’s reference would simply be “Variety”.