Delta with Jose March 2007

Earlier in the week Jose and I’d decided to fish the surf together this weekend. Making an early morning run to the beach Saturday morning would leave plenty of time to hit a beach or two, hopefully get into a few fish, and get home at a decent hour, leaving all day Sunday to take care of the pile of “responsibilities” that had stacked up over the past few weeks. When Jose called me Friday evening on my way home from work to confirm our “surf” plans I mentioned to him that the wind forecast for the Delta this weekend didn’t look too bad. After a moment of silence he said, “Doug… do you want to fish the Delta”? I said, “Well… I have a lot of stuff to take care of this weekend… “, he responded with, “Doug, let’s fish the Delta, for 2 days”. Without hesitation I blurted out, “OK”!

Jose’s first spot produced!

As did the next spot

The first half of the day was beautiful with no wind

The wind got going pretty good though in the afternoon

In Al’s words, this guy was a TOAD!

And then I got his younger brother

Diaper Striper!

The wind was horrible the next morning and we ended up bagging it early, but not before getting into a half dozen of these guys!

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