Delta with Jeff

My co-worker, Jeff, joined me for a day on the water for his first shot at our West Coast’s Morone Saxatilis and it didn’t take long at all before his 9wt was buckled over and thumping with the weight of his first Delta Striper!

With little to no wind and an overcast sky we couldn’t ask for better fishing conditions, especially considering the hurricane force winds and record rain storm our neighbors up North were experiencing.

Despite the frigid 49 degree water temperature the fishing was surprisingly decent and some what consistent throughout the morning’s tide as long as the presentation was slowed way down and plenty of long pauses were thrown in.

The only big striper we found actually came as I was taking advantage of the surprisingly clear water to admire my fly’s action along side the boat. Just as I was about to pull the fly to make another cast a big fish of 10 or so pounds zooms in from nowhere and hesitatingly stops with his nose an inch from the suspended fly. I shout to Jeff, “Look at that!” and the fish casually picks up the fly and calmly turns for the deep and the fly slips from its mouth. B.A.R. Bite and Release!

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