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California Surf Stripers - 2010

Stripers in The California Surf – 2010

I didn’t get out to the surf for stripers this year as much as I’d liked to, but I did manage to get into a few. Check out the pictures…

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San Luis Reservoir Striped Bass

Fun San Luis Striper Morning

Hit San Luis Reservoir with Jeff for a warm day in the sun chasing stripers. We didn’t get into anything big, but had a blast with the little guys. Check out the pictures…

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Dave Fulthorpe Surf Striper

Dave’s First CA Surf Striper

Dave & I headed over to the beach for an early morning striper hunt a few weeks ago to strike while the iron was hopefully still hot – and it was!

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Big California Surf Striper

Crushing the 20 Pound Striper Barrier

Had an epic morning fishing the surf today. The tide was right, the structure was perfect, the Stripers were in – and I finally nailed a 20+ pound striper.

Check it out…

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California Fly Fishing for Surf Stripers

California Surf Stripers – Persistance

Persistance pays off… I was out on the beach a few mornings ago looking for surf perch with Jeff, and we got skunked – again. I don’t know what’s happened, surf perch were never a difficult fish for me to find in years past, but recently it’s been a completely different story. On our way […]

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Skunked on the Delta

Delta Stripers – Fly Fishing Report

If a picture is worth a thousand words – then I need say no more…

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Delta Stripers with Jeff

Delta Stripers – With Jeff

Pulled the boat back over the hill for another day out fly fishing for Delta Stripers. Jeff joined me for the day and as usual, we had a great time. I think those short-sleeve fall days are finally behind us now. It wasn’t too cold, but the beanie and gloves did make their way out […]

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Delta Striper Fly Fishing Report

Delta Stripers – Fly Fishing Report

Another quick striped bass fly fishing report – Got out again to take another whack at this year’s delta stripers. The tides were predicted to be really good (or far better than when I’d been out with Brandon the previous week) and the weather forecast was for a flat, windless day – perfect conditions for […]

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Brandon with Big Delta Striper

Delta Fly Fishing, with Brandon

It was late morning as I hurriedly tossed the boat bag, fly rods, fly reels, and sleeping bags into the back of the truck. The clock was ticking and Brandon’s flight was due to arrive in San Jose any minute. I quickly backed the truck in, hooked up the boat trailer, and headed for the […]

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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

The Delta, A Half Day

Another tricky case of jet lag had me wide awake and bug-eyed at 3AM this morning, despite going to bed at midnight. My flight had departed at 2pm and landed 11 hours later at 8am the same day; yeah, try and figure that one out.

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Delta Striper - Fall 2008

The Delta, Fall 2008, Day 1

Finally got out on the the Delta for the first trip of the season. With all the steelhead fishing lately I’ve got to say that 9′ 9wt felt awfully short and took some getting used to. The first spot I hit was empty as well as the 2nd spot, but the 3rd stop paid off […]

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Delta Spring Striper Fishing

Delta, Spring is in the air

When the phone rang at o’dark thirty in the morning I sprang out of bed as if someone had dumped a bucket of cold water on me… …“Crap! Sorry! I didn’t even hear the alarm clocks! Give me 30 minutes; I’ll call you on the way”! The first mistake was not getting my stuff together […]

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Delta Cold Water Stripers - Jeff Hooked-up

Delta, Cold Water Stripers IV

“There we go!”, and Jeff was hooked up. We’d barely got the boat into position for the first spot of the day and his fly rod was already buckled over into a big fish! I couldn’t believe it, a week later, and on the opposite tide, the same big fish my dad & I had […]

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Big Delta Striper Fly Fishing

California Delta with Dad

My dad was in town on business and had managed to schedule in an extra day to fish the delta with me for his first time. With the cold & dirty water typical this time of year, our expectations weren’t high and I unnecessarily did what I could to emphasize that any fish caught would […]

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California Delta Cold Water Stripers

Delta, Cold Water Stripers II

The weather keeps getting nastier and the water colder. A break between winter storms finally opened a window for Jeff & I to make the first trip of the new year to check in on The Delta. The recent storms had successfully left the dreaded, gin-clear water of the fall behind us, but not without […]

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Delta Winter Stripers

Delta, Cold Water Stripers I

It was late Saturday morning when I lazily rolled out of bed, poured a hot cup of coffee, and hopped online to check the weekend weather forecast for The Delta. The water temperatures had been down into the 40’s and the delta fishing reports I’d been hearing weren’t good. I had half a dozen new […]

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Jose Silva Delta Striper

Delta, Jose & Gabriel

The fact that Jose was still waiting for us at the dock, more than an hour after sunset, was surprising. When I saw the digital camera in his hand I knew why… “How big?” I asked. He ignored me and asked how we’d done. “Terrible”, I responded, “Now let’s see it Jose”… …With a sly […]

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Delta Flyfishing Stripers - Brandon

Delta with Brandon

My brother made it down from Seattle to spend a few days on the Delta with me. On the way back in from a windy first day I justified the days slow fishing to him on the water’s drastic drop in temperature last week and the windy conditions. Brandon & I have fished together long […]

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Doug Squyres Big Delta Striper

Delta with Jose Silva

I’d returned from up north in full blown steelhead mode. When I’d heard how well Jeff & Jose had done on the Delta earlier in the week I thought “good for them”. When asked if I was going out the coming weekend I responded, “probably not, too many things to do”. A few days later, […]

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California Delta Striperfest

Delta, Striperfest Weekend

October, November, and December have got to be my favorite and busiest months here in the Bay Area, at least from a fishing perspective. My favorite fishing happens this time of year on my favorite waters and when the local conditions continue to be as good as they’ve been this year, I once again find […]

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