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Top-Water Delta Stripers

Delta, Solo

Saturday morning was slow to say the least. The only fish I was able to find were most likely the same school of dinks that Al & I had found 2 weeks prior in the West Delta. But unlike that day, these guys were all sitting on the bottom and it took a lot of […]

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Al Neves Delta Stripers

Delta with Al

My Oregon buddy, Al Neves, was scheduled to be in the Bay Area for a few days on business and after hearing last weekend’s fishing report he decided to pack a few fly rods and extend his trip through the weekend to join me on the Delta. The early morning’s drive over is still a […]

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California Delta Fly Fishing with Dave

Delta with Dave

Once again some last minute changes in plans paid off with another memorable day on the water. The weather was forecast for a cold morning followed by afternoon temperatures in the high 70’s. Most importantly was the wind prediction, at a steady < 5 mph all day. When I told Dave the conditions were ideal […]

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Delta Fly Fishing Jose Silva Black Bass

Delta with Jose March 2007

Earlier in the week Jose and I’d decided to fish the surf together this weekend. Making an early morning run to the beach Saturday morning would leave plenty of time to hit a beach or two, hopefully get into a few fish, and get home at a decent hour, leaving all day Sunday to take […]

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Delta Top-Water Striper Fishing Report

Delta, Top-Water Report

With flat-calm, windless 70 degree weather, a new 12 wt floating head, a hand full of new top-water flies, and a new million-candle-power spotlight I’d been anxious to put to the test I made a last minute run out to The Delta late in the afternoon. My hopes were that the last week’s storms were […]

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Delta Topwater Fly

Delta with Kelvin

Sunny skies, little to no wind, 70 degree weather and winter water temperatures that had been steadily rising for the past three weeks from the low 40’s up into the 50’s – the perfect day to take a colleague of mine out for his first fly fishing trip on the Delta.

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Jeff French Delta Striper

Delta, Jeff’s 19.5 Pounder

Al had to bail on another Delta trip this season, for understandable reasons, so… knowing that Jeff had recently picked up a brand spanking new 9wt Xi2 I invited him out in Al’s place for a day to break it in. And did he ever!

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December Delta Striper

Delta, Solo

Brandon made a comment years ago while talking about Largemouth Bass, “If you want to catch bigger fish – use bigger flies”, simple enough. Well… with the cold water and slowed fish metabolisms this time of year you need to tempt them with a mouthful worth moving for. This means big flies. And like Brandon […]

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Jeff's first Delta Striper

Delta with Jeff

My co-worker, Jeff, joined me for a day on the water for his first shot at our West Coast’s Morone Saxatilis and it didn’t take long at all before his 9wt was buckled over and thumping with the weight of his first Delta Striper!

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Lee Haskin Delta Top Water Striper

Delta with Lee Haskin

Finally, the week’s end and I was able to get back for two more days. Best of all, I’d managed to talk Lee Haskin into joining me for one of them. The water temperatures had plummeted 6 degrees since last weekend and were currently ranging between 48 and 51. Not good… …My success rate typically […]

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16 Pound Delta Striper

Delta, Sweet 16!

Brandon had to cancel his annual trip down this weekend from Seattle… …something about a mortgage, bills, responsibilities… yeah, yeah, yeah… what ever. So I downgraded the RV reservations from the big Mallard to the smaller 5th wheel and headed over to the Delta for a solo trip. With good reports for the last two […]

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Delta Fly Fishing Report with Jose

Delta with Jose Silva

I get to the marina extra early, launch the boat and begin backing away from the dock as I see Jose backing his boat down the ramp. Once away from the dock I put the boat in forward… and nothing happens. While prepping in the parking lot 20 minutes earlier Jose had invited me to […]

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Delta Striper Jose & Fish

Delta, It’s Started!

The Delta’s Fall and Winter striper season started this month and though there hasn’t been a lot of fish in the system yet… …there’s been enough action between baby stripers, large mouths… …a few nice stipers, and one particularly HUGE moe (that broke me off) to keep me anxious to continue going back for more. […]

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Delta Fishing with Al

Delta with Al 2/5/06

“Ting”… “Ting”… “Ting”… could be heard coming from the cab as the fully loaded Toyota quietly pulled a little aluminum boat through the early morning stillness of a silent neighborhood not yet awake. Two months had passed since the last trip together and with the wounds healed, the emotional body armor had made a full […]

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Delta Fishing with Dave

Delta with Dave 1/29/06

Finally, a window between storms, and a windless forecast. With water temperatures down around 49f, the fishing went as expected with a few smaller fish here and there but not many. The real catch turned out to be the peaceful sunny day itself.

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Delta Striper Fishing December

Delta Solo 12/23/05

It had been a couple of weeks since the last Delta venture and the itch was getting pretty bad. The weather forecast called for low to no wind for the 2 days before Christmas and the water temperatures had reportedly even come up into the low 50’s over the past week. I’d been anxious to […]

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Fly Fishing Striped Bass

Delta Solo 12/9/05

Despite dropping water temps already down to the mid 50’s, the first solo trip since the boat restoration was surprisingly successful. With the unseasonably clear water and in anticipation for the beginning of the cold-water season I came prepared with large, lively flies… …and slower sinking shooting heads. After finding the first few “previous hot […]

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Brandon Squyres Delta Striper Fishing

Delta with Brandon 11/29/05

My brother flew down from Seattle for 4 days over the Thanksgiving weekend to fish the Delta with me. The weather conditions ranged from cold, to warm, to rainy, to clear, to windy, to clear and windy… …back to cold, then overcast, and then cold and overcast. Something like that anyway… We managed to catch […]

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Alfred Neves Delta Striper Fishing

Delta with Al 11/7/05

“Let the abuse begin”, was his declaration as he tossed a Sage gear bag and 2 dozen high-end fly rods into the back of the truck. We were in front of the baggage claim at SJC. Next came an open armed lunge toward me (for a bro-hug or something) while he flamboyantly shouted something about […]

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Dave Small Delta Striper

Delta with Dave 11/1/2005

“Ok Dave, the sun is set to rise at 6:33am. That means we need to be in the water by 6:00… …We’re looking at an hour and a half to get there, throw in an extra 30 minutes to pick you up, 15 minutes to gas up, and an additional 15 to rig and launch […]

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