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San Luis Reservoir Striped Bass

Fun San Luis Striper Morning

Hit San Luis Reservoir with Jeff for a warm day in the sun chasing stripers. We didn’t get into anything big, but had a blast with the little guys. Check out the pictures…

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Elsie French San Luis Striper Fishing

San Luis Reservoir, Sep 2nd 2007

The alarm clock read 1:25 AM. It wasn’t set to go off for another 3 hours but I was wide awake and there was no chance of falling back asleep. I’d spent the previous week literally on the other side of the world and apparently hadn’t fully recovered from the +15 hour time change. As […]

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San Luis Reservoir Fly Fishing - Jeff French

San Luis Reservoir, Aug 12th, 2007

Saturday afternoon I was at the airport in Phoenix surfing fishporn on the laptop while waiting for a flight home when I got a text message canceling the plans I had for Sunday… Hmmm… I thought for a moment – then quickly pulled up the weather forecast, checked the hourly wind prediction, and fired off […]

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San Luis Reservoir Boat Launch

San Luis Reservoir May 28th, 2007 *SKUNKED*

I hadn’t yet tested out the latest fishing accessory’s towing capabilities (2007 Toyota Tacoma 4×4) and Angel was in town so we decided to drag the boat up to San Luis for the day and see if we couldn’t find a few stripers. The last time we’d fished the lakes together was a few years […]

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San Luis Reservoir Striped Bass

San Luis Reservoir, April 29th, 2007

I made another run to San Luis Reservoir this weekend, this time with Jeff. After a bit of a late start and an enjoyable hour and a half drive of fish-yak, we were relieved as we crested the 152 summit to find a windless, glassy surface across the Big Lake… …just as the weather man […]

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San Luis Reservoir Striped Bass Fly Fishing

San Luis Reservoir, April 22nd, 2007

Spring is definitely here which means beautiful 70 degree weather for a few days during the week (witnessed from my desk at work), immediately followed by cold, windy, and rainy conditions over the weekends (witnessed from my desk at home)… …That’s been the recent trend anyway. This weekend’s forecast called for the same but Accuweather […]

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Bay Area Fly Fishing Grand Slam

Bay Area Slam

It appeared that our long awaited nice weather had finally arrived for good. The sun was out and the temperatures were in the 80’s. The stripers were chasing bait in the big lake… The carp were rooting in the shallow sludge ponds… And Monterey Bay’s surf perch were feeding in the salty wash. It looked […]

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Small San Luis Striper

The Big Lake with Lee Haskin, Feb2006

With waders on, float tubes over our backs, and rods in hand – Lee paused on the walk down to the water and pointed out over the lake toward the horizon… …”You see that spot way out in the middle of the lake Al? Why don’t you head over there“. Al looked out across the […]

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