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Fly Fishing Striped Bass

Delta Solo 12/9/05

Despite dropping water temps already down to the mid 50’s, the first solo trip since the boat restoration was surprisingly successful. With the unseasonably clear water and in anticipation for the beginning of the cold-water season I came prepared with large, lively flies… …and slower sinking shooting heads. After finding the first few “previous hot […]

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Brandon Squyres Delta Striper Fishing

Delta with Brandon 11/29/05

My brother flew down from Seattle for 4 days over the Thanksgiving weekend to fish the Delta with me. The weather conditions ranged from cold, to warm, to rainy, to clear, to windy, to clear and windy… …back to cold, then overcast, and then cold and overcast. Something like that anyway… We managed to catch […]

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Thompson River Graveyard Run

Steelhead, November 2005

Trey Combs, in his book Steelhead Fly Fishing, mentions a game John Farrar introduced him to. “The rules are simple… …If you had money and time in equal abundance, and could pick one different river each month, anywhere in the world, to provide the very best fishing for Salmo and Oncorhynchus in its most glamorous […]

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Alfred Neves Delta Striper Fishing

Delta with Al 11/7/05

“Let the abuse begin”, was his declaration as he tossed a Sage gear bag and 2 dozen high-end fly rods into the back of the truck. We were in front of the baggage claim at SJC. Next came an open armed lunge toward me (for a bro-hug or something) while he flamboyantly shouted something about […]

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Dave Small Delta Striper

Delta with Dave 11/1/2005

“Ok Dave, the sun is set to rise at 6:33am. That means we need to be in the water by 6:00… …We’re looking at an hour and a half to get there, throw in an extra 30 minutes to pick you up, 15 minutes to gas up, and an additional 15 to rig and launch […]

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