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Gaspe Atlantic Salmon - Dave Fulthorpe

Atlantic Salmon, July 2006

Dave returns from his annual Atlantic Salmon trip to the Gaspe Penninsula with reason to smile!

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San Jose Carp Fishing

SF Bones 6/21/2006

It started a few weeks ago while exploring some new waterways on my mountain bike. After about 15 miles of peddling along levees, through “Employee Only” parking lots and around saltwater marshes and brackish ponds – I found what I was looking for…

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Bay Area Fly Fishing Grand Slam

Bay Area Slam

It appeared that our long awaited nice weather had finally arrived for good. The sun was out and the temperatures were in the 80’s. The stripers were chasing bait in the big lake… The carp were rooting in the shallow sludge ponds… And Monterey Bay’s surf perch were feeding in the salty wash. It looked […]

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Alfred Neves - San Luis Reservoir Striper

The Shirt

– $78 in gas – $21 in camping – $30 in food – $12 in launch fees… …Ganging up on Al – Priceless.

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Carp Fly Fishing - San Francisco Bay

SF Bones 4/24/2006

Rocky Mountain Bones, Poorman’s Permit, Delta Goldens… A friend and I were talking the other day about steelhead fishing and trout fishing, two subjects that too often accompany each other into the same conversation between us. We were rambling on about the frustration of rejections and refusals experienced while fishing dry flies. A big rainbow […]

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Winter Steelhead - Washington

Steelhead, March 2006

Rampaging, crashing, silent, sparkling Impatient, benevolent, by turns… …Treacherous or teasing Inviting, gentle, giving – then a crashing torrent of vengeance. Never apologizing. Never explaining. -Jeff Bright’s book, Found in a River

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Small San Luis Striper

The Big Lake with Lee Haskin, Feb2006

With waders on, float tubes over our backs, and rods in hand – Lee paused on the walk down to the water and pointed out over the lake toward the horizon… …”You see that spot way out in the middle of the lake Al? Why don’t you head over there“. Al looked out across the […]

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Delta Fishing with Al

Delta with Al 2/5/06

“Ting”… “Ting”… “Ting”… could be heard coming from the cab as the fully loaded Toyota quietly pulled a little aluminum boat through the early morning stillness of a silent neighborhood not yet awake. Two months had passed since the last trip together and with the wounds healed, the emotional body armor had made a full […]

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Delta Fishing with Dave

Delta with Dave 1/29/06

Finally, a window between storms, and a windless forecast. With water temperatures down around 49f, the fishing went as expected with a few smaller fish here and there but not many. The real catch turned out to be the peaceful sunny day itself.

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Delta Striper Fishing December

Delta Solo 12/23/05

It had been a couple of weeks since the last Delta venture and the itch was getting pretty bad. The weather forecast called for low to no wind for the 2 days before Christmas and the water temperatures had reportedly even come up into the low 50’s over the past week. I’d been anxious to […]

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