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Stripers in The California Surf – 2010

California Surf Stripers - 2010The California Surf Striper reports were looking pretty dismal this year – but I try not to pay much attention to fishing reports…

…You’re either the guy writing the report, or the one reading it. And we all know – the guy reading it, is the one that “should have been there yesterday”.

Though I only got out to the surf a handful of mornings, I did manage to find a fish on all but one excursion.

None of them were big (like last year’s Moe), but a few of them did pass the 5 pound mark on the boga. Were the Moes around? I don’t know – if they were, I didn’t put in enough time and effort to cross their paths.


…there’s no place I’d rather spend a June or July sunrise, than with the birds, the otters, and the sea lions… on an open beach… with a flyrod… and a possibility…

Beach Shadow with Fly Rod

Surf Striper in Stripping Bucket

The fly was half his size

Surf Srtiper in Stripping Bucket 2

California Surf Striper

California Striper in the Surf

Fly Fishing California Surf Stripers

Striper Thumb

If you’ve never experienced “Striper Thumb”, you’re missing out…


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