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NorCal Fall Steelhead

This was the last day and we were fishing-our-way back to I5 on our way home.

We didn’t find any fish in the first run and had already fished through the majority of the second spot. I’d fished down as far as the trail would allow and started heading back up toward the truck.

The sun was out and it was about as beautiful of a late fall day as you could imagine. I saw Jeff working his way down the run above so I decided to take a seat on a rock to soak in the sunshine while I waited.

The saddest part of the story is that I’d actually had the camera out and was taking pictures of him as he worked his way under the streamside brush…

Jeff French Wading

…and suddenly, he vanished.

That next step was right into a dredge hole and he completely disappeared.

And like I said, the worse part of it all was the fact that I actually had the camera, in my hand, and pointed directly at him… and didn’t get it on film!

Jeff French after Falling In

As Jeff napped and dried out in the truck I continued to pull over every few miles and hit my road-side spots…

Doug Steelhead Fishing

…and one of them paid off. “Jeff! Fish On!” I yelled. The truck was literally 40 feet away, he heard me, woke up, and got a picture. Woo Hoo!!!

Doug Northern California Steelhead

Northern California Fall Steelhead

Man I love this river this time of year…

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